Life During COVID-19: Collective Response 

What is the most difficult thing for you?

4/8/2020 6:05:07

Juggling housework with office work. The so called “work-life” balance has become impossible.

4/8/2020 9:28:28

Managing the uncertainty

4/8/2020 9:51:49

Handling the anxiety

4/8/2020 20:37:50

Not seeing friends and family

4/9/2020 3:04:24

Having a small house.

4/9/2020 9:18:15

no social life

4/9/2020 13:38:42

The uncertainty of when my life will be on "play" again. It feels like a long pause. I was in the middle of moving countries and sorting my paperwork.

4/9/2020 13:43:06

Staying at home, locked.

4/9/2020 13:56:59

Knowing I can get sick easily and not get Easy access to care if the health system is overload

4/9/2020 14:19:23

Being paranoid

4/9/2020 14:22:42

It is like a chain reaction: I question my work, which I find hard to do because I don't really care about it. So I make myself care, which drains me, which leaves me with no motivation to do anything else but sleep.

4/9/2020 14:39:43

Focussing on work

4/9/2020 15:16:21

Getting back to my home country

4/9/2020 15:44:48

Family and loved ones being far from where I live, and not knowing when I will be able to see them again.

4/9/2020 16:50:16

Going back to "normal" after this clears

4/9/2020 17:26:02

Thankfully, so far the impact on my personal life is limited. But being unable to frequently hug my mother is the difficult part and leaving her in relative solitude is tough.

4/9/2020 18:26:55

Thinking that something could happen to my sister, who is a doctor.

4/9/2020 19:47:45

A world with uncertainties

4/10/2020 1:52:24

Not being able to move around freely

4/10/2020 4:58:39

Can't go for my job

4/10/2020 8:39:03

Disconnection from real actions outside

4/10/2020 8:51:59

Finding happiness and mental strength

4/6/2020 11:50:39

Listening to the news. While I’m safe and sound in the comforts of my privileged life, every time I’m reminded of the millions out there losing jobs, losing their loved ones, and losing their lives sends me back to bouts of endless anxiety and somehow, guilt.

4/6/2020 13:34:46

Not being able to see my grandparents.

4/6/2020 15:13:22

Dealing with people that don't keep distance

4/6/2020 16:00:02

the uncertainty of things and the lack of information regarding the virus

4/6/2020 17:54:58

Coping with anxiety

4/6/2020 18:18:25

Balancing work, self-care, homeschooling, and day-care-ing.

4/6/2020 20:20:11

The lack of economy and economic opportunities

4/7/2020 7:16:18

I live in an abusing household, so being locked down with my abuser with no chance of escape to work or to school is my worst nightmare coming to life

4/7/2020 10:20:31


4/7/2020 12:34:34

Managing home chores and WFH

4/7/2020 13:02:43

Work getting disrupted

4/7/2020 13:21:23

Having to stay in my room all day by myself for a very long stretch of time. Resisting the urge to go out.
Also, not having clarity around when (or how) this will end.

4/7/2020 13:51:17

Giving the same level of education and mental development to my children as their school.

4/7/2020 14:16:00

Separating work and home life. Everything is intertwined

4/7/2020 14:43:13

Not seeing family

4/7/2020 16:10:42

I live alone so I've been battling my mental health/ loneliness

4/7/2020 16:16:56

Worrying about my parents

4/7/2020 16:43:01

Being confined to a small space.

4/7/2020 16:52:19

Worried about family getting sick. I'm also worried I'll lose my job

4/7/2020 17:18:51


4/7/2020 21:22:18

The news and Trump

4/7/2020 22:21:22

Not working and not knowing the future of my employment.

4/7/2020 23:28:18


Not being able to see people laugh

Thinking about my parents who live by themselves in New York City, and worried about if they're lonely, if they need anything, if they're going to get sick.

4/3/2020 19:10:54

I was about to change my life in some substantial ways, and this is forcing me to take things slower than expected, while limiting the ways I can change (I can't move to a different place, I can't as easily make new friends, or meet a new partner).

4/4/2020 16:24:12


4/5/2020 20:02:39

Coping with uncertainty of being infected while shopping for food.

4/5/2020 20:57:31

Thinking of the future

4/5/2020 21:07:57

The unprecedented restrictions in life

4/5/2020 21:54:19

Being away from nature

4/6/2020 4:19:00

combining work and schooling kids

4/6/2020 6:01:54

make kids busy and study, not seeing anybody

4/6/2020 6:43:40

Being separated from family

4/6/2020 7:23:53

not being able to hangout with friends at the mall

4/6/2020 7:33:16

Uncertainty for the people i care for.

4/6/2020 8:09:41

Financial stress

4/6/2020 8:18:02

Not being able to plan for the future

4/6/2020 8:46:38

Staying away from family

4/6/2020 9:24:10

divide time between WFH and SFH (teaching kids)

4/6/2020 9:28:36

Keep optimistic while the death toll across Europe is nowhere near declining

4/6/2020 9:56:15

I don't have it that bad. Getting some standing grocery delivery orders set up was a bit tricky but is taken care of now.

4/6/2020 10:15:47

Income, making my business survive

4/6/2020 10:19:42


4/8/2020 9:19:01

not working

4/8/2020 9:43:11

Uncertain future, anxiety on the upcoming financial crisis, Keeping up the shocking news every morning, Not to see or plan to meet people I love

4/8/2020 11:06:15

Anxiety Management

4/8/2020 20:38:13

Work reduction

4/9/2020 7:57:06

Getting dressed in the morning and managing my hair

4/9/2020 13:22:10

Keeping focused and not to loose hope

4/9/2020 13:41:11

The most difficult aspect of the COVID-19 lockdown for me is to ensure that my son gets the right dose of stimulation and "interaction" AND the inability to travel to see my parents and sister.

4/9/2020 13:44:34

Thinking about going back to normal. As an introvert, I enjoy being able to work from home and not be forced to be in endless face to face meetings.

4/9/2020 14:06:30

Dealing with forced uncertainity

4/9/2020 14:21:12

Not to have real social interaction with friends, family and colleagues.

4/9/2020 14:32:00

As a freelancer its financial uncertainty. When will the companies I work for open back up, and will they open back up? When will clients overall feel comfortable enough to engage in new work streams?

4/9/2020 15:02:05

lack of social contact with my friends

4/9/2020 15:38:38

Knowing that the people allover the world are facing this issue and me not being able to help in a significant way

4/9/2020 16:05:57

Worrying about the many people without work in my city

4/9/2020 17:10:28

Nothing actually. I am cooking amazing food and spending time with my husband. Life is good, knowing that we are not out ruining the planet

4/9/2020 18:08:21

To stay away from my family and friends.

4/9/2020 19:06:37

Losing my loved one

4/9/2020 22:30:10

Making decisions about my own future

4/10/2020 2:38:48

I'm living in a foreign country, with roommates and they don't respect the lockdown. It's hard to share a space with strangers in such a situation.

4/10/2020 6:25:37

Not seeing family like grandparents

4/10/2020 8:44:08

not going out on good weather

4/6/2020 10:39:20

Trying to fit in two parents jobs with childcare for a two year old

4/6/2020 13:09:09


4/6/2020 14:22:37

I am a Startup Founder and I am facing interviews from Accelerators. The processes are getting delayed. I need customer reviews. People are available to help at this time but I am yet to get sufficient review comments and whether they will buy.

4/6/2020 15:53:15

Maintain a healthy structure and rhythm in life, both in terms of separating work and private life, as well as staying socially engaged in a diverse way (e.g. what's beyond video calling? how can we share other activities that are not screen based?)

4/6/2020 17:15:01

no shopping

4/6/2020 18:03:21

Not to interact through planned exhibitions, lectures and workshops

4/6/2020 19:16:48


4/7/2020 4:09:35

The blurring of weekends and weekdays

4/7/2020 9:34:54

Keep good relations with family and friends

4/7/2020 10:28:27

being separated from those who I love

4/7/2020 12:54:43

all of the scary predictions of how life will never be the same

4/7/2020 13:14:53

Working and acting like things are normal in the professional world, when really I am more concerned about my life and the lives of the people I love.

4/7/2020 13:48:20

Scared that Ill be exposed

4/7/2020 14:10:49

Dealing with the anxiety of my mom being a front line worker, not knowing what will come next or how the policy makers will react vs. the actual lived experience of people on the ground.

4/7/2020 14:17:45

My daughters not attending school.

4/7/2020 14:57:16

Fearing for parental safety.

4/7/2020 16:14:39

Not being able to exercise properly

4/7/2020 16:32:05

Losing job

4/7/2020 16:46:10

Reduced care during my pregnancy

4/7/2020 17:08:26

Not feeling I can help those who are suffering, not being able to see an end to all of this.

4/7/2020 19:17:43


4/7/2020 21:33:33

Being anxious of my health

4/7/2020 22:25:25

Training for a new job

4/7/2020 23:55:01


Everyone wants to talk about the virus

4/2/2020 16:52:19

Watching the stock market

4/4/2020 15:22:27

Not being able to see people face to face.

4/4/2020 19:26:43

Can't go out

4/5/2020 20:09:53

Miss my fitness

4/5/2020 21:02:06

Having til Work and have leisure time at Home. And seeing a lot of people posting a the things they have time to do, yoga, biking, painting the house, gardening etc. I do not have so much spare time!

4/5/2020 21:41:33

Knowing how life will be after. I hope it changes for the better.

4/5/2020 22:47:24

Freedom limitations to move

4/6/2020 4:50:52

human connection

4/6/2020 6:32:17

Teaching the kids

4/6/2020 7:20:35

Not being able to hug my old mom.
Not daring to truly believe that everything will be ok - for my family and for society in general.

4/6/2020 7:31:05

working and taking care of house and family at the same time

4/6/2020 7:55:18

Doing childcare work as well as paid work while nurseries are closed

4/6/2020 8:07:10

Living alone

4/6/2020 8:23:38

Work-life balance

4/6/2020 9:14:46

Can't hang out with friends and travel around the world

4/6/2020 9:26:20

To not shift my spatial environment as i go through moods, work modes, mental models and various online conversations. Home starts to feel suffocating and there is a bodily dissonance that emerges after many hours of virtual calls.

4/6/2020 9:40:26

Not being able to go out (freely) as I used to, getting more anxious with anything I touch.

4/6/2020 9:58:52

Not to have direct contact with friends and family

4/6/2020 10:17:03

School and daycare closures - juggling children and work at home.

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