Life During COVID-19: Collective Response 

What do you miss most?

4/8/2020 6:05:07

Interacting with people in person. Being in a classroom with my students.

4/8/2020 9:28:28

Hugs and social connection

4/8/2020 9:51:49

Freedom to travel

4/8/2020 20:37:50

Hanging out with people

4/9/2020 3:04:24

Having a nice meal outside.

4/9/2020 9:18:15

My family

4/9/2020 13:38:42

Walking around and seeing things. Exploring cities. The thought of being able to travel anywhere in the world.

4/9/2020 13:43:06

Breathing free

4/9/2020 13:56:59

Being freely outside and with family and friends :)

4/9/2020 14:19:23

The feeling of freedom when outdoors

4/9/2020 14:22:42

Hanging out with people

4/9/2020 14:39:43

Going out for a drink with friends.

4/9/2020 15:16:21

Family and friends

4/9/2020 15:44:48

Movement, travel, interaction with others in real life, the absence of concern.

4/9/2020 16:50:16


4/9/2020 17:26:02

I miss going out to our local restaurant in Nærum.

4/9/2020 18:26:55

Meeting my family and friends.

4/9/2020 19:47:45


4/10/2020 1:52:24

Meeting my boyfriend and spending quality time together

4/10/2020 4:58:39


4/10/2020 8:39:03

Having some beer outside with friends

4/10/2020 8:51:59

My daughter of 8.

4/6/2020 11:50:39

My loved ones! An introvert at heart, I still miss the quality time spent with the ones close to my heart. A lot.

4/6/2020 13:34:46

Hanging out with my family and friends.

4/6/2020 15:13:22

Just go out, work and socialize

4/6/2020 16:00:02


4/6/2020 17:54:58

Spending quality time with people

4/6/2020 18:18:25

Seeing friends and quick trips to the store.

4/6/2020 20:20:11

Dinner parties

4/7/2020 7:16:18

I'm studying product design and the most valuable part of my school are tutorings. Talking face to face with the teachers about our projects, woodworking in the workshop, just regular design process. I know that it can be done online as well, but there is something missing, it just doesn't seem right

4/7/2020 10:20:31

travels, my family, friends, freedom

4/7/2020 12:34:34

Going out to eat sushi

4/7/2020 13:02:43

Meeting friends and family

4/7/2020 13:21:23

1. Freedom of movement. 2. Talking to people face to face

4/7/2020 13:51:17

Having help with cleaning

4/7/2020 14:16:00

Interacting with people. Our day to day lives depend on human interaction and not being able to see our loved ones, friends or co-workers in person really effects ones mental state. You miss the little things that are happening in each other's lives. Everything is a reflection rather than a real time story

4/7/2020 14:43:13

Eating out and the ease of getting groceries

4/7/2020 16:10:42

Being able to see my friends and share a nice meal

4/7/2020 16:16:56

Not thinking twice about where I go and how I get there

4/7/2020 16:43:01

Small things - working at a coffee shop, meeting a friend for lunch.

4/7/2020 16:52:19

Being able to see family in person and not just over video chat

4/7/2020 17:18:51


4/7/2020 21:22:18

Interacting in person with people.

4/7/2020 22:21:22

Being in the presence of my family. Especially when they need me.

4/7/2020 23:28:18


Learning random new things in conversation

Oh, so much. I miss rolling out my yoga mat in the studio and sweating in community with everyone else. I miss riding my bike or taking the Metro to work. I miss buying my lunch from the "Hippie Grandma" and saying hi to all the familiar faces that make up my everyday life. I miss being able to buy a plane ticket somewhere and just fly off. I miss waking up in the morning without the sense of existential dread that I feel every day.

4/3/2020 19:10:54

I miss talking deeply about something intimately, with a close friend. I miss my adventures in nature.

4/4/2020 16:24:12

4/5/2020 20:02:39

Face to face conversations, giving and getting hugs, and not being cautious about other peoples distance. I am fortunate to have a big garden, and I invite local friends (one at the time) to bring their lunch and a cup for tee or coffee, then we sit and chat at two-three meters distance.

4/5/2020 20:57:31

Not sure

4/5/2020 21:07:57

Going to my favorite bookshop and cafe.

4/5/2020 21:54:19


4/6/2020 4:19:00

Being able to be close to my mother

4/6/2020 6:01:54

walking outside and doing sport

4/6/2020 6:43:40

family and spontaneity of choice- my day is more structured

4/6/2020 7:23:53

my church friends

4/6/2020 7:33:16

Physical contact with others.

4/6/2020 8:09:41

Having the freedom to move around locally, nationally and globally

4/6/2020 8:18:02

My friend, Emma, and the sea.

4/6/2020 8:46:38

going out to watch movies, meet friends

4/6/2020 9:24:10

buying coffee at convenience store

4/6/2020 9:28:36

Going out without fear

4/6/2020 9:56:15

Going out to restaurants. My commute to work was also my daily exercise so I miss that.

4/6/2020 10:15:47

Hugs and kisses, and going from meeting to meeting - in person.

4/6/2020 10:19:42

Human contact

4/8/2020 9:19:01


4/8/2020 9:43:11

My boyfriend, Night out with friends, Grocery shopping without anxiety

4/8/2020 11:06:15


4/8/2020 20:38:13

People connection

4/9/2020 7:57:06

Going out for meals and walks

4/9/2020 13:22:10

the social connection, specially the neighborhood relationships you have

4/9/2020 13:41:11

seeing and hugging my family and my close friends.

4/9/2020 13:44:34

Going out for dinner with friends

4/9/2020 14:06:30

Going out and socializing with humans

4/9/2020 14:21:12

The doodling around, like going to sports and ending up having a coffee somewhere and then meeting a friend.. so kind of not having a plan. Now it seems like we need do have plans and schedules and structure to stay normal.

4/9/2020 14:32:00

Family, friends, going out for dinner, knowing what lies ahead.

4/9/2020 15:02:05

seeing friends and social gatherings

4/9/2020 15:38:38

Working in my workshop with my friends

4/9/2020 16:05:57

board game nights/socializing

4/9/2020 17:10:28

Nothing. This time is precious

4/9/2020 18:08:21

Little things like casual, impromptu socialising outside.

4/9/2020 19:06:37

The person who left me to be with God.

4/9/2020 22:30:10

Medium sized gatherings with family and friends

4/10/2020 2:38:48

the sun on my skin, the hiking.

4/10/2020 6:25:37

Hanging out with friends

4/10/2020 8:44:08

going out on dinner

4/6/2020 10:39:20

Personal space and time to reflect

4/6/2020 13:09:09


4/6/2020 14:22:37

interviews, quality internet, travel & shopping

4/6/2020 15:53:15

Spending time with close friends and family in a more unstructured way. Hanging out, doing activities, just being around one another without the structure of a video call where you both stay static in front of the camera for hours on end.

4/6/2020 17:15:01


4/6/2020 18:03:21

To be with my friends

4/6/2020 19:16:48


4/7/2020 4:09:35

Wife doing the shopping comfortably

4/7/2020 9:34:54

Being together in bigger groups

4/7/2020 10:28:27

going out

4/7/2020 12:54:43

hugging my friends

4/7/2020 13:14:53

Being outside. Meeting people in real life.

4/7/2020 13:48:20

Hanging out with friends outside in this weather

4/7/2020 14:10:49

Concerts!!! Live music's is a really big part of my life. I just watch through Instagram live now but it's not the same.

4/7/2020 14:17:45

Going out to dinner with family and friends.

4/7/2020 14:57:16

My significant other—we were separated in different countries when borders shut down.

4/7/2020 16:14:39


4/7/2020 16:32:05

Going out to friends houses

4/7/2020 16:46:10

My family

4/7/2020 17:08:26

Going out to eat at restaurants, exploring the city and hanging out with my friends

4/7/2020 19:17:43

My friends

4/7/2020 21:33:33

My family and friends

4/7/2020 22:25:25

The choice to do what I want. ie. see friends

4/7/2020 23:55:01


4/2/2020 16:52:19

All the stores being open

4/4/2020 15:22:27

Being spontaneous!

4/4/2020 19:26:43


4/5/2020 20:09:53

My fitness and my instructor

4/5/2020 21:02:06

Just sitting in a café drinking coffee and chating and The possiblility to give my family a hug.

4/5/2020 21:41:33

Long hikes or walks around the country.

4/5/2020 22:47:24


4/6/2020 4:50:52

the freedom to move

4/6/2020 6:32:17

Seeing my friends

4/6/2020 7:20:35

I miss seeing my friends and relatives...
Hugging, and just being together.

4/6/2020 7:31:05


4/6/2020 7:55:18


4/6/2020 8:07:10

Hanging out with my friends in real life and not though a screen

4/6/2020 8:23:38

Freedom of movement

4/6/2020 9:14:46


4/6/2020 9:26:20

Some travel to engage context shifting and new inspirations. Leaving home once a month would more than suffice.

4/6/2020 9:40:26

Social interaction, some public places I usually visit

4/6/2020 9:58:52

Direct contact to friends and family

4/6/2020 10:17:03

Time alone for relaxation and deep thinking

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